Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Urban" wild turkeys

On Thursday I caught a glimpse of 8-10 Wild Turkeys near the Indiana University cross country (XC) course.

I see turkeys on the IU XC course maybe once a month. They're more or less always around, judging from tracks in the snow this winter, but they are hard to catch a glimpse of. The largest group of turkeys I saw there in 2009 consisted of 20 birds. There were three hens and about 17 poults (young turkeys). They were crossing a gravel driveway about 100 yards to the north of of a big apartment complex. Since the birds were headed north, they would have been even closer to the apartment complex before I saw them.

This area is within the Bloomington city limits (as well as being on the IU campus). Makes me wonder how many other communities have turkeys within their city limits? How many other universities have turkeys on campus?

And of course, I can't talk about "urban" turkeys without mentioning a newspaper article I wrote about the Urbana, IL turkeys last Thanksgiving. :-)

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