Saturday, May 8, 2010

Feast to famine: what a difference a day makes!

Yesterday, Friday, May 7, I tallied 62 species on the Indiana University cross country course, including eight new BIGBY species. Today I counted only 24 species!!. I'm thinking the front passing through last night, and this morning's strong WNW winds (20-25mph, with higher gusts) probably have something to do with it.

Speaking of wind, during one particularly strong gust I watched an Eastern Kingbird fly backwards! Interesting. By the way, kingbirds were the most common birds on the XC course today. I counted 11 of them.

The winds have kept the birds hunkered down and quiet. Even some of the reliable regulars were conspicuous by their absence: no Blue Jays, Eastern Towhees, Field Sparrows, Song Sparrows, or Common Yellowthroats. But the feisty Prairie Warbler was still perched up high and singing lustily.

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