Monday, May 30, 2011

The BIGBY, explained

Several Montreal-area birders started doing a Big Green Big Year (BIGBY) in 2008. While the definition of a BIGBY can be rather fluid, it focuses on birders reducing their carbon footprint while familiarizing themselves with the birds on their own local patch of land.
In my case, I am doing what is called a "walking BIGBY", keeping track of the birds I see while walking from home. This year (2011) is the fourth year I've done this, starting out in southern Indiana (Bloomington) in 2008.
I moved to Milwaukee half way through 2010. I had 152 species on my 2010 Indiana list, and I had 193 species on my 2010 Wisconsin BIGBY list. And then I kept a "combo" BIGBY list for all of 2010. After accounting for the overlap between my Indiana and Wisconsin BIGBY lists, I came up with a total of 232 BIGBY species for the calendar year, a personal record.
Here are a couple of informational items about BIGBYing:
BIGBY informational web page:
BIGBY newsletter:
BIGBY e-mail list:
And here are four brief articles I've written about my BIGBY experiences for the newsletter of the local Audubon Society chapter in southern Indiana. Note: the URL takes you to the newsletter issue as a whole. You will need to scroll down to the applicable page number.
In My Backyard: Big Green Big Year Satisfies. The Leaflet (newsletter). January/February 2009. ARTICLE ON PAGE 5.
Big Green Big Year — 2008 Summary of Four Experiences. The Leaflet (newsletter). March/April 2009. ARTICLE ON PAGE 6.
Big Green Big Year 2009: It’s All About Location, Location, Location. The Leaflet (newsletter). July/August 2009. ARTICLE ON PAGE 8.
Green Birding 2009. The Leaflet (newsletter). January/February 2010. ARTICLE ON PAGE 8.

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