Saturday, January 30, 2010

My all-time favorite song about birding/birdwatching

There have been quite a few pop/rock songs about birds, but I can’t recall too many about birding/birdwatching.

When I lived in Urbana, IL, there was a local band called Hum. They had a national radio hit in the 1990s, a song called “Stars”. But my favorite Hum song is titled “Why I Like the Robins”. It’s about someone waiting for migrating birds to return from the south.

The song begins with the following lyrics:

The distance outside of you comes into focus, collapses away lovingly
Hands to the glass and eyes to the sky and glued to the south, she waits to see
She's looking for birds she met last fall
Who said they would come back different than all
She's waiting for six who know about sound
Who promised to come back upside down

Great band! Great song!!

If you’d like to listen to “Why I Like the Robins”, go to the following URL and click on the “play” arrow in the upper right hand corner:

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