Saturday, January 30, 2010

UK's Big Garden Birdwatch to assess impact of harsh winter

This weekend the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds is conducting its annual Big Garden Birdwatch ( People across the UK will devote an hour to counting the birds in their gardens (i.e., yards), and reporting the results to the RSPB.

The big buzz in this year’s Birdwatch has to do with weather. The UK has experienced its worst winter in 30 years. The Birdwatch may show how the harsh winter has affected wildlife. As a writer in the Independent notes: “The results are likely to give the first true indication of the scale of winter mortality among the commoner songbirds which visit gardens, particularly the very small species which are especially vulnerable to cold, such as long-tailed tits and wrens, and perhaps robins.”

Here are a few newspaper articles that discuss this weekend’s Big Garden Birdwatch in the context of the UK’s harsh winter:

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