Saturday, January 23, 2010

One thousand or more crows on Bloomington's east side!

I made a quick trip to Dick's Sporting Goods in Bloomington's College Mall early this evening. As I got out of my car I noticed many, many crows flying just to the south of the mall. The crows looked like they were flying out of a gathering point or staging area in Latimer Woods (Latimer Woods is just across Buick Cadillac Blvd from the southern edge of the mall).

When I first saw the crows, they were flying in a line from Latimer Woods to the far western horizon. And they just kept coming for several minutes after that. When I went into the store it looked like there were still several hundred crows in the trees in Latimore Woods.

I'm conservatively guessing I saw at least 1,000 crows in flight. I have no idea how many had already passed over the western horizon before I got there. And I'm not sure exactly how many were still in Latimer Woods when I eventually entered the mall.

Let's just say that it was an impressive number of crows! :-)

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