Sunday, April 11, 2010

Two more walking BIGBY species for 2010

Two new first-of-year birds while out walking the Indiana University Cross Country course today, plus a couple other species I hadn't seen yet this month.

* There was a Northern Rough-winged Swallow foraging over the IU golf course. BIGBY species #93 for 2010.
* There were two Chimney Swifts twittering away to the south of the XC course. BIGBY species #94 for the year.
* Spotted a Brown Creeper inching along a tree trunk. That's BIGBY species #78 for the month (I'm doing April as a walking "Big Green Big Month").
* Watched a Merlin for a bit on the north part of the XC course. BIGBY species #79 for April.

Finally, a few days ago I reported a half dozen Tree Swallows flying over the vacant lot at the southwest corner of Pete Ellis Drive and 10th Street. At the time I wondered if some of them might be interested in the old bluebird nest boxes in this lot. This morning I saw two swallows perched on top of the nest box that's closest to 10th Street.

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