Saturday, April 17, 2010

Walking BIGBY species #100 for 2010!!

As I walked over to the Indiana University cross country course early Friday morning (4/16) I had one of those frustratingly familiar early spring migration experiences...a bird song that you know you should know, but that you just can’t quite figure out because you haven’t heard it in a while. After listening for a few minutes the cobwebs in the old brain cleared and the notes coalesced into the familiar song of a Common Yellowthroat. A relatively ordinary bird, but special in marked my 100th BIGBY (green birding) species for 2010! That’s 100 species within walking distance of home so far this year. (If you’d like to know more about the BIGBY movement, see:

Today’s Common Yellowthroat sighting marked a new personal record for me: the earliest date to record 100 walking BIGBY species in a given year. My previous record for earliest date to 100 BIGBY species was April 29 (2009). I went on to pick up three additional new BIGBY species later on Friday, and another one this AM, to bring my total to 104 BIGBY species for the year.

With April just about halfway over, I’ve added 22 new 2010 BIGBY species so far this month:

Blue-headed Vireo - BIGBY species #83 for 2010 (recorded 4/1)
House Wren #84 (4/1)
Great Egret #85 (4/2)
Barn Swallow #86 (4/2)
Northern Parula #87 (4/2)
Pine Warbler #88 (4/2)
Yellow-throated Warbler #89 (4/6)
Worm-eating Warbler #90 (4/6)
Palm Warbler #91 (4/7)
Black-and-white Warbler #92 (4/7)
Northern Rough-winged Swallow #93 for 2010 (4/11)
Chimney Swift #94 (4/11)
Prairie Warbler #95 (4/12)
Broad-winged Hawk #96 (4/12)
White-eyed Vireo #97 (4/13)
Black-throated Green Warbler #98 (4/14)
Ovenbird #99 (4/14)
Common Yellowthroat #100 (4/16)
Red-eyed Vireo #101 (4/16)
Yellow-throated Vireo #102 (4/16)
Nashville Warbler #103 (4/16)
Indigo Bunting #104 (4/17)

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