Monday, June 21, 2010

Carolina Wren - first-of-year as a yard bird!

I realize this isn't a rare or exotic species, but I've been delighted to have a Carolina Wren hanging out on the patio all day today. That's the first Carolina Wren as a yard bird this year!!

Earlier this AM I heard its trilling call, so I knew it was around. I've seen it multiple times since, hunting for spiders and insects on the wooden fence and storage shed, and occasionally pigging out on sunflower seed pieces at one of my feeders. They are subtly beautiful birds, and very entertaining to watch, what with all their wren-like posturing and antics.

It's not my first Carolina Wren of the year. I've seen/heard them several times while visiting the IU XC course. But it was a very welcome surprise as a yard bird, at a time when we're just now entering the summer doldrums of birding here in southern Indiana.

Funny how such a small common bird can brighten one's day so much!

Bernie Sloan
Bloomington, IN

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