Tuesday, June 1, 2010

University of Illinois Campus - Cliff Swallow

Saturday afternoon (5/26) there was a Cliff Swallow flying over the Boneyard Creek behind Engineering Hall in Urbana. That's a new UIUC campus bird for me. Has anyone else seen Cliff Swallows there before?

Theoretically it looks like a good spot for Cliff Swallows. Lots of big stone buildings with substantial overhanging eaves. Several bridges over the Boneyard. And the creek is covered just to the east and west of this spot, flowing through very large concrete culverts. Plus lots of mud along the creek (Cliff Swallows build mud nests). I'm not saying there's a nesting colony in this spot, just that it looks like a decent location for one.

I believe there are at least two small Cliff Swallow nesting colonies in Champaign County. I found one of them last year, under a bridge on a rural road SE of Ivesdale.

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