Monday, January 24, 2011

My "12-month BIGBY" list now has 200 species!

As I've mentioned in the past. I'm currently doing a "12-month BIGBY". What's a 12-month BIGBY? I'm recording all the species I see while walking from home during my first twelve months as a Milkwaukee and Wisconsin resident. This BIGBY started on 8/1/10, the day I moved to Milwaukee, and will end on 7/31/11.

My goal for the 12-month BIGBY was 200 species (I've been sitting on 198 for a couple of weeks). I reached this goal yesterday while watching the Bears/Packers game...without even going birding!!

During lulls in the action I was updating my BIGBY spreadsheet when, lo and behold, I found two species I forgot to add in September (Sharp-shinned Hawk and Spotted Sandpiper).

Funny way to reach a birding goal...relaxing in a chair with a beer, munching on chicken wings, and watching a Bears/Packers game. :-)

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