Monday, November 8, 2010

Bradford Beach, Milwaukee, 11/8 - Thayer's Gull, Dunlin

What a beautiful day for birding, or for just sitting on a park bench and soaking up the sun!! Had two new MilWALKee and combo BIGBY species. My MilWALKee BIGBY count is now up to 173 species, and my 2010 combo BIGBY count stands at 213 species.

Some highlights:

* While walking alongside McKinley Marina looking for waterfowl, I noticed another unfortunate sign that winter is drawing closer:

* Thayer's Gull. Very cool adult bird! It was perched on a wooden piling in the lake just off of the Bradford Beach parking lot. Great close-up views. MilWALKee BIGBY species #172. 2010 combo BIGBY species #212.

* Dunlin. Nervously working the extensive algae mat at the far south end of Bradford Beach. I say "nervously" because there was a steadily increasing number of people walking the edge of the beach in the nice weather. The bird gave up when someone came along with a dog. It flew out over the lake. Maybe the same bird that John Idzikowski saw later in the afternoon at North Point? MilWALKee BIGBY species #173. 2010 combo BIGBY species #213.

* Steve Lubahn reported a possible Pacific Loon off the shore of Lake Park near the rugby field and the water treatment plant. I didn't notice any loons while I was in that general vicinity today, but there were LOTS of Buffleheads, several Coots, maybe a dozen Gadwalls, a couple dozen Mallards, several Common Goldeneyes, and at least one Bonaparte's Gull mixed in with the Herrings and Ring-billeds.

* I walked back home through Lake Park and saw several Pine Siskins on a tree on the golf course.

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