Monday, November 1, 2010

Cackling vs. Canada Goose - Size comparision photos

I was strolling through Milwaukee's Veterans Park early this afternoon when, lo and behold, I ran across my nemesis bird again (Cackling Goose). This bird has been in the park since at least Friday. I saw it Friday morning on the big lawn east of the Veterans Park Lagoon. Paul Hunter's duck watch group saw it late Saturday afternoon in the same general area, and I saw it again today, by the lagoon, a little north of the paddleboat rental shed.

Remembering that I had my cell phone with me, I decided to try to take a few photos to document the size differential between the Cackler and the Canadas. The Cackler was a little skittish, and not as tolerant of human presence as the Canadas. In fact, when I stopped to watch, three Canadas walked up to within two feet of me looking for a handout.

Anyway, I couldn't get real close to the cackler without it scooting away. I stood there quietly waiting for the Cackler to get close enough to me and my cell phone, and for it to get close enough to a Canada for a size comparison.

Here are a few photos. Remember, I used a cell phone, so they aren't close-ups, but I think they do the job of demonstrating how much smaller the Cackler is. In fact, at one point a passerby said to her companion: "Look at the baby goose!" :-)

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