Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Milwaukee Lakefront, 11/10/10 - Sanderling, Surf Scoter, Snow Buntings

I walked the north half of my Milwaukee BIGBY route today. Another day of not-too-good air (Air Quality Alert). See the following photo for an example: This photo has a vaguely post-apocalyptic look to it. :-)

No new BIGBY birds, but some interesting highlights:

* The lake was pretty rough today ( Not sure why...the breeze was pretty calm.

* Lots of algae at North Point. See: The algae has even created a calm lagoon to shelter the ducks from the rough surf:

* Six Snow Buntings were flying up and down the rocks at McKinley Beach. They look rather exotic in flight at close range. They briefly landed on the rocks not ten feet from me. They didn't seem to be bothered by my presence.

* There was a lone Sanderling foraging on the algae mat at the far south end of Bradford Beach. I haven't seen a Sanderling in six weeks, so this was a pleasant surprise. It's always fun to watch them "chase" waves.

* A couple dozen Buffleheads were calmly riding the surf just off of Bradford Beach. It's interesting how they can ride up over the crests of breaking waves without seeming at all concerned.

* There was about a 50-50 mix of Mallards and Gadwalls right near shore off of North Point. They were either napping or foraging in the lagoon created by a wall of algae. See: for another view of this lagoon.

* A Surf Scoter was working the surf just south of the rugby field by the water treatment plant. I'm not sure what it hoped to find...the waves were pretty rough, and there probably was no visibility under water what with the algae and churned up sand.

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