Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bradford Beach/North Point, 11/2 - Ducks, Snow Buntings

Covered the northern half of my Milwaukee BIGBY route today...

No new BIGBY birds, but some interesting highlights none the less:

* Snow Buntings. Had a fair number of flyovers along the lakefront. Almost stepped on one near the edge of the Bradford Beach parking lot. I was walking along when my eye detected some motion on the ground at my feet. Snow Bunting. It was hunkered low to the ground in short grass with one eye cocked towards me, checking me out. It was only five feet away at most, the closest I've ever been to one of these birds. After eyeballing me for about five seconds, the bird ran a short distance and then flew to the shoreline rocks. Pretty cool!

* Lots of ducks off of Bradford Beach and North Point. Nothing new, species-wise, but good numbers. There was a raft of 40-50 ducks just out of binocular range, bobbing up and down in the waves off of Bradford Beach. I saw them just enough to think it might have been a mix of scaups and scoters. Closer in, off of North Point, there were quite a few Buffleheads, and by far and away the most Common Goldeneyes I've seen so far this season. And along the shore there were dozens of Mallards.

Also saw two signs of winter, one of them literally a "sign" of winter:


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